DYSAUTONOMIA~ say what? 

this week is dysautonomia awareness week. I’d never even heard of this until I was diagnosed with Degeneration of my autonomic nervous system and POTS is one of the things I have as a result. The last 3 days my heart rate is “getting in the red” way more often than normal, 1.) I’m spending more time outside in 100+ weather and 2.) I’m not drinking enough water. 

Today I seen the 160’s which is new, and it scared me. I guess I’ll be being more careful than normal.

Image from Dysautonomia project .org

Now I am not even going to pretend to know much about POTS- I know that when I stand up I get dizzy, sometimes it makes me fall over, standing for more than a few minutes makes me dizzy and nauseous, you get the picture. Most of my symptoms are overlapping so the POTS hasn’t been my big focus…

Until this week, this week I am feeling the right chest & pounding heart way more than normal, making me pay closer attention to my heart rate. According to my Fitbit I am getting into the “Peak” (red) zone a lot this week! 

Today has been the worst of it so far. I got into the 160’s by watering my outside flowers! Nothing intense, just slowly going along the flower garden spraying water! My world spun darkness to light. 

I thought once my heart rate slowed down that I would feel better… Boy was I wrong! 

First I slept for two hours with wicked nightmares. Then the brain fog settled in, crazy weird fog so thick… and of course tonight the pain, always the pain- cramping and twitches in my muscles, my chest is sore, I feel like a whole new kind of pain is attacking me, a pain I am not familiar with. 

I don’t know if all of this is POTS related or if the POTS pissed off my others illnesses, but I can tell you that I don’t feel very much like a Warrior tonight. I feel broken. 
For more information about #Dysautonomia here is one link The Dysautonomia Project

And a brief video Here on Facebook.





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