To tired to breathe. 

All to often this happens, then the lack of air headache kicks in, did you know that being literally to tired to breath is common in fibro and cfs? 

A wise woman by the name of Clarissa Shepherd posted the following post in her Facebook group Fellow Travelers, Support and Chat and I wanted to share it with you!

Just knowing this helps it be less scary. 

Too Tired to Breathe

Most of us understand, this part, of our type of illness. With ME/CFS and/or Fibro, we feel this overwhelming issue – far too many times.

We may be trying to make it to a Dr’s appointment, through the grocery store, or even laying in our bed, and feel as if we’re too tired to take our next breathe.

 Many times, it feels as if we must force ourselves to breathe. Other times, we find ourself wondering – if the next breath will be our last.

Wondering how we can feel this exhausted and still be breathing or living.

 Its something thats very diffiult to explain to anyone who hasn’t felt this tremendous symptom.

 While its both overpowering and scary, its one of our many symptoms listed in the Journal of Internal medicine. Its listed in this way.

 ” Respiratory: Feeling as if we’re struggling to breathe, labored breathing, feeling as if the chest wall muscles are exhausted. ”

 So while its important to get this issue checked out by your Dr., I hope that by knowing its a common symptom, it may set your mind at ease, a bit. I so dislike this and its a miserable sensation. 


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