Downplaying for my comfort or yours? 

I’ve been wondering lately, is chronic illness downplayed by the healthy friends and family for the comfort and reassurance of the Spoonie or the person downplaying the illness? 

Spoonies, have you noticed how much our illness gets downplayed by friends and family? Have you ever wondered why they do that? Is it because that truly don’t get how serious and life impacting the condition is? Do they do it because they don’t know what else to say to us? Are they trying to be reassuring? It is reassurance for us or for them so they don’t have to face our conditions? 

Healthy friends and family, Do you realize how your downplaying makes us feel? Most chronic illness are invisible and your minimizing makes us feel like you don’t believe our symptoms are real or that we make to much of it. It makes us feel like we have something to prove to you, sorry I don’t look sick today! It is hurtful to us! We are not this way by choice, believe me, if we had a choice we would not have this/these illnesses. 

To much pondering today! Just being curious! 


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