Stress (not UP) Dosing~

My Healing Hound Sadie had to spend last night in the doggy Hospital! It started sometime yesterday, her vomiting and then last night poor baby had blood in her stool! She was very lethargic! 

Hubby did some internet searching as I laid on the floor near her bed just petting her, he says “call the vet I think we need to take her in!” My heart panicked but externally I remained calm! 

So we took her to the Emergency Pet Hospital! Sadie was running a super high fever so the vet decided to keep her over night for fluids and monitoring. 

Those words brought tears to my eyes, I didn’t want to leave my baby there. Anyway, the nurse came in and set Sadie up for her IV, she cried and the second leg was worse! 

The more upset she got the more upset I got- I thought… I didn’t think though, I didn’t think of how she picks up my stress (and low Cortisol,!) The nurses took her out of the room and bam, Sadie took the IV easy as pie! But then that was it, no cuddles or anything, just a Go home and call in the morning! 

I cried! 

We got home and Stress dosed, but the low Cortisol symptoms came anyway! So at 3:30am I was wide awake, in severe pain, and emotionally distraught, and making trips to the bathroom. Then I slept.

At 9am I woke, how could I sleep so late when poor Sadie is at the hospital, is she okay? 

Well, the vet is monitoring her through the day today, right now she is resting and doing okay. 

I wish I was resting and doing okay! My pain has

Me barely able to move, yet to uncomfortable to sleep! I’ve stressed dosed, up-dosing was not enough! 

Today my goal is to NOT  go into Crisis. 

Come on Sadie-girl, get better so you can come home, your Healing partners miss you! 😢


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