Herbally Hopeful~

Herbally Hopeful! I didn’t know what else to title this post because words aren’t going to be able to convey what I am trying to say in the way I hope they would. 
I’ve kind of always had an interest in herbal lotions/oils/salves etc but never really knew much about them or how to do them or even what herbs did what!

That all changed about a month ago, on April 21st I signed up for The Herbal Academy. I signed up for the Introductory level course, with a year to complete it and a payment plan I thought it would be perfect. 

Then I panicked!!! I mean I freaked out! Seriously, what was I thinking, my brain fog is never going to allow for me to pass quizzes to get my certificate of completion! My eyes won’t allow that much reading! What was I thinking? 
So starts the adventure… Chapter 1 and the panicky feeling multiples, this is a whole new vocabulary, my brain function will never allow this! 

Oh but my brain function exceeded my expectations! 

The reading materials were like I was working from a perfectly good brain with amazing recall abilities! It felt like it was all stored in a safe place in my memory bank, a place that hadn’t been tainted by illness or medications, just waiting for me to ask for it to be recalled! 

I ordered some supplies and got to work on my first salve, a muscle salve that works amazingly. Again, my memory and other cognitive skills were like I’ve never seen them. And I love doing the work! I love reading about what herbs are best for what and then testing them out. I love how the process is like meditating, everything else in the world disappears and it’s just me with whatever I am making. 

Image from “The Younique Foundation” Facebook page

The finished product revealed that I had not read the directions properly, but that was an easy fix, I melted it down, fixed it, and finished it. I love the easy corrections. 

Another thing I really love about my herbal concoctions? It’s minimally painful!  

I pour in the herbs and oils to get them infusing, 3 days in the crockpot! Then I drain the herbs from the infused oil and blend with other ingredients then put them in their bottles/jars/ cans etc- ready for use. Each step takes less time and energy than a shower does. So as long as I go by some set of directions exactly and one at a time, I am able most days to accomplish something! 

Anyway, I was able to complete the course in less than a month!!! I congratulated myself with more supplies and more projects! 

Salves chilling in the refrigerator

The process of each product is soothing, the finished product is truly pain relieving! It’s a beautiful combination! 
And it brings me a sense of pride! These illnesses took away my hobbies and career opportunities! They took away my pride. Finding herbalism has restored my pride and has lessened my need for other people’s approval. This is my thing and so far, Id say I do it well! * I’d be lying if I said I didn’t notice who did or didn’t congratulate me and encourage me with the herbal course and especially completion of the course, but that isn’t this post, but it is EXACTLY what made me realize I need no ones approval or congratulations! 

I am finding emotional strength! Hope! And it feels amazing! 
The point of this post; no matter what our abilities or disabilities, find passion in something you can do now! Looking back at the person before the illness and wanting a hobby or passion they had is only hurting ourselves! It may take some time, but open your heart and mind to the possibilities of right now! 
Yes I still hurt as bad as ever! Yes the insomnia still keeps me up! The brain fog still has me putting toothpaste in my hair! Yes I still sleep most of the day everyday. But finding this passion makes life more bearable. 

*ps- I will not make anything edible, I don’t trust myself that much! And all products I try myself before my family does! 


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