Overloaded~ Exploded~

I know my most recent post made people shake their heads, some in agreement and some not so happy! I don’t and won’t apologize for how I feel but I do agree it was a passive aggressive explosion and should have been handled in a different way. 

I was/am overloaded, overwhelmed, and I exploded. I just got tired of holding back all of these emotions and boom- there they went- all over my blog, increased my viewers by a ton though. 

Today instead of a vent session I changed that energy into positive energy by getting some more salves infusing! 

I am loving the herbal work, the pride of finishing the course with high scores- yay me for good notes! The pride of using a product I made and it works! I’m just so proud of me! 

When I made the first batch of muscle magic it turned out a bit to hard so I am melting it down to add more oil and get it a bit softer, then it will be perfect. 

I also have an arthritis blend of herbs infusing, I can’t wait to see how that turns out. And then an all purpose salve blend is jar #3! 

It doesn’t help to stay upset, disappointed, or angry! In fact it hurts a lot. So I’m sending the issues love and turning the negative energy to positive energy and it’s working! 

Well except the mass headache I woke up with, so far there is no help for that. 

Happy Saturday my friends! 


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