The things I’ve tried~

I will start this post of with an apology to those I offend by posting this, I know there will be several people wondering if this is pointed at them, it is not pointed at anyone specific! 

With that said, I have a rant~ 

Rant #1~

Since I have started showing first signs of symptoms till present day I have tried so many things to get better, to be well, to ease my symptoms! One doctor says “stop all Gluten” I did for two years, another doctor says “stop caffeine” and I did for six months (and only occasionally have it now,) another doctor says “stop nightshades” and I did for a month~ the list of stuff goes on and on, the amount of time/money/energy was excruciating. Every new thing I tried failed, but I tried anyway because I wanted to be better! I wanted my life back! I’ve tried oils, diets, supplements, medications, exercises, meditation— blah blah! I wanted to be well! 

Of course I wanted to be well, who would want to be not well? Right? 

Wrong! I know of several people that will admit to knowing what makes them feel terrible, what counteracts their medication, what triggers them but, they are not willing to make the change to be well! Please explain to why? Why would anyone want to remain sick or in pain? 

Yes there are the normal answers that others would say about them; attention, just don’t want to work, have given up, they just aren’t that bad,  but what would they say? What would their answer be? 

I don’t understand: Why would anyone want to be in that kind of pain and not even try to do all they could to help themselves? Why would they NOT want to live a better life? I just don’t get it. 

Yes, I am jealous of these people! I will admit it! I want for my pain and other symptoms to be a choice that I can make! 

Our illnesses don’t compare, I know that too! But I do know that if alcohol, heat, caffeine, electric light, crowded places etc made my symptoms worse I WOULDNT DO THEM!  

Rant #2~

All of Rant #1 is part of what makes people not believe in invisible illnesses and the rest of us suffer for it! Let me explain…

“I thought people with _______(insert illness) weren’t able to drink alcohol because of _______ (insert medication type) medication and it will make things worse!” Says a healthy person to the “Spoonie” who posts about getting drunk! Now the healthy person either A) doesn’t believe the person who claims to have _______(insert illness) suffers as much as they say they do and/or B) they think everyone with ________(insert illness) isn’t really as bad off as they claim!

  See what I’m saying? 

I could go on and on with this rant, it could get emotional and go way off track, but I won’t go there because getting that worked up makes me feel like crap and I don’t like feeling like crap! 


Just Blowing Steam 💨  

*again, apologies to those I have offended by my ignorance of not know why you wouldn’t want to help yourself!*


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