The Stress is taking its toll~

There is not even anything I can do, I should be remaining calm and letting it go! I’ve meditated, warm bath, more breathing exercise but it’s always right there in the back of my mind. I updosed the first few days of the “situation” but I am seeing now I should just keep updosing till… well whenever I can announce whatever I am able to announce here. 

Why is it that I have to have not one but multiple  illnessess that are all made worse by stress? I mean seriously? ONE IS ENOUGH! 

Masking it fools no one, believe me I have tried! 

What gets me the most is that one person is controlling the “situation” and she is having a blast with the control she has, she doesn’t care that she is hurting others, it’s just all about her! It’s sad that people have to be so cruel. 

Anyway. I just needed a mini vent about stress and my luck to have multiple illnesses that are made worse by it! 



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