I know I talk to much~ 

I do, I know I talk to much, but it’s rare that I talk to someone without fur, some family and a couple of friends! For the most part thoughI go 12-14 hours a day without talking to anyone except my fur babies! So when the mail person shows up, I’m gonna talk! And the UPS person, yep I’m talking here too. 

But I have been noticing (mistake number 1) and thinking a lot ( mistake number 2) about conversations. Yes conversations! 

Specifically how one sided conversations can be and with who, how a total stranger can strike up a friendly conversation like we’ve know each other for years, how the lady at the Dollar General remember me and asks about things we’ve talked about on previous visits (yes I talk a lot there too!)  stuff like that and how much it all means to me! 

I love when a friend takes time to ask how I am and truly responds like they heard/read my reply! I hate it when a friend goes on and on about them then the conversation is over! This is for you! Click there on the blue! 

I love when someone asks about something we talked about last time we talked, it shows me they actually listened to the conversation. 

I love conversations that bat back and forth and flows. 

I understand fully that you have stuff going on in your life too, I also understand the conversations that are just polite “how are you” and not really wanting you to answer, so there are exceptions! 

But for us Spoonies, we want two sided conversations, we want to be heard as much as we want to hear, we want to feel like what we say still matters, we miss socialization, we want to be encouraged as much as we encourage, we want to be cared about as much as we care about others. 

Do healthy people think that because we are sick and mostly homebound that we have nothing to talk about? Do our thoughts, experiences, and opinions mean so little to others that some do not even bother to ask? 

Would it be rude if I butted in with “yes I’m doing good thank you for asking! Oh yes the new project turned out awesome! Oh yes I am enjoying _______.” Would that be rude? “Oh and thank you for the pep talk I needed that today!”

Don’t get me wrong, I do have people that I very much enjoy conversations with and look forward to talking again! I just needed to get out of my head the topic of conversations! 


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