File “Routine” Not Found~ 

I have had a decent few weeks, energy was high wile pain was low-ish, brain fog (well I have no idea.) it was nice! I accomplished a few things that physically I normally cannot do (and forgot the paperwork things I normally do- like pay bills oops!) But true to Chronic-ness form the good days didn’t last. Here I am, back in bed, another down day. 

For me routine offers stability, I love routine! But with such unpredictable health I only find frustration when I look for a routine. A routine has been my goal for a while now, a goal I think it’s time to let go of. 

My planner has gone untouched for a couple of weeks, my studies are unorganized and study time is inconsistent, but I forgive myself because I had energy to deep clean and a few other badly neglected things were caught up! 

I miss routine! I do eventually find a “sick” routine and get back on it, but it’s the change over that I don’t like! 

Anyway, that is my rant for the moment. 


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