Nearly Naked~ 

Nearly Naked, got your attention didn’t it? It’s not the way you think though! As a Spoonie we know that when it comes to clothing we usually have more sweat pants etc than we do going out clothes. Well, I have something I’d like to share!

The North Face Aphrodite 2.0 Capri Pants for women!!! A few weeks ago I got a pair, I wanted something a bit nicer than my usual and these were cute! OMG~ not just cute, but when I put them on I felt nearly Naked! Seriously!!!

Image from North Face website where I ordered the capris!

They are light weight, a smooth material that doesn’t rub or irritate any where! Oh and so far strong material because my puppy has put them to the snag test! 
 Nearly Naked!  I quickly ordered two more pairs because I was wearing them 2-3 days in a row (I shouldn’t admit that right?) now I have 3 colors! 

I Love my Aphrodite Capris! 💜 Sharing the love with you! 


Company Coming=House Cleaning Day~

You know how it is, company is coming (and that rarely happens) and this isn’t just any company this is our oldest son and his bride to be (they’ve never been here before,) so the house has to be spotless right? They said not to clean, to save my energy for the visit! 

They will be here Saturday and I’ve been antsy since Monday to dive into the cleaning (I love cleaning house but rarely am able.) So I put it off to today, not quite enough time to get it messy again but just enough time for me to rest for the visit! 

I wake up early, I am going to do this!!!

Off to a good start, the guest bathroom and the bedroom they will be staying in are done except floors, now for the living room and… NOPE, Not happening, not today anyway! I’m back in bed, muscles on fire, burning exhaustion, and joints that make body parts feel broken! 

These illnesses just make me so mad! 

*images saved from Pinterest

Please don’t assume you know…

This is my life, the life of an autoimmune Spoonie! People don’t get how serious it is, but they won’t take the time to learn about it either. Having multiple chronic & autoimmune illness sucks! The pain is never ending! The judgements and assumptions are continual! I wish people would learn about the illnesses before they make a judgement call, if they did that it would save on hurt feelings, negative thinking, and possibly my life! They would also understand that I got enough going on to not have to deal with their judgemental thoughts of me. 

So, to set the record straight…

Yes, my illnesses are invisible! No, I do not need to prove to you I am sick! And here is the biggest shocker of all…. I am not seeking pain medication! These illnesses are real! The pain is real! And if you knew me at all, you’d know I am not after the medication! But I have an even bigger shocker…

My pain medication that is prescribed, I take so sparingly that it’s over a year old! Omg right? You assumed I was popping pain pills, you assumed I was addicted. You made a false judgement. But I’d like to see you go one day in the pain I face daily then talk to me about pain pills! 

So, now that we have cleared up that misconception, do you want to learn about what I do have? 

The most serious and probably most debilitating (depends on the day) is Addison’s Disease, think of how a diabetic needs insulin to live, think about how sick they get when their insulin is low… Addison’s Disease is similar but with Cortisol (which my body doesn’t make!) I rely on steroids to live, and no they aren’t the kind body builders take! 

Well, you have made it this far and I thank you! You now know that I cannot handle any type of stress, that my blood sugar and blood pressure are wonky, that I need way more sleep than most, without the steroids I will die. This list goes on! If you want to know more I’d love to talk to you about it. 

Please don’t assume you know something (or anything) about me & my illnesses, my coping skills, or “habits.” Till you research it. Thank you. 

*photos found on Pinterest

I got sun burned today!!!

This is really good news! I know you are probably thinking that there is nothing good about a sunburn, a few years ago I would have agreed! But for the last couple of years the sun and I haven’t gotten along. 

A few minutes of sun would cause pain, 10-15 minutes would start itching and causing hives! It would physically make me sick like I was being cooked from the inside out! 

I’ve pushed the envelope the last month because I noticed it didn’t cause pain! I have pushed it a couple of times, different times of day, different temperatures, different UV ratings- and no pain! 

So today I was outside more than normal, I forgot about the sun because it wasn’t hurting or making me sick. And guess what? 

I got a sunburn on my back and face!!!!

I don’t know what changes or happens, this is the third time my “allergy to the sun” has gone into remission! The sun on my skin feels so good! 

WhoopWhoop! The sun has kissed my skin! 

I guess I never truly realized~

Call it hope, call it dumb, call it whatever you wish, but the reality is sinking in! I guess I kept hoping that one day the right doctor would find the right diagnosis and the treatment would cure me and I’d got back to the healthier version of me. 

I guess I didn’t realize, not truly accept that having multiple chronic illnesses truly means that I won’t get better, that the doctors mission is just help me find quality of life! 

I kept going to the doctors expecting a cure, it wasn’t till last night and truly today, that there is no cure! This is my reality! 

Im not sure why I thought a cure, removal of all symptoms was the expected result. 

This reality feels like a ton of bricks loaded on me, yet at the same time I feel a peace to it, acceptance of you will. 

It’s a perspective changer. 

Starting now, the energy I do have is going to be used more wisely!

Friendships vs Chronic Illness

I have spent a lot of time and energy being really mad and really hurt when it comes to friendships vs my chronicness! I have nearly screamed “I am still here!” I have grown bitter and resentful because most of my friends won’t even try to understand what’s going on with me! I share info on Facebook and here and very few (if any) are even read/liked/commented on! Come on people don’t you even care?

Tonight as my pain keeps me from sleep I have read through many posts and blogs about friendships vs chronic illnesses and one thing in common regardless of the illness is the loss of friendships. 

At first friends are concerned, supportive, and stay in touch but after a while, little by little they drift away! They have lives to get on with, I see that more clearly now! 

Of all I read tonight the most important thing, written by a fellow blogger is this…

“I forgive them.”

I forgive them. Think about that, let it sink in. How powerful are those three little words?

* By “them” I mean the more healthy friends, those with jobs and a social life, those whose life is not lived in chronicness. 

Their lives must move on, yes it hurts us because we are left behind, stuck in this body that’s limits our life in so many ways, but they are not stuck! 

I don’t know what I should have expected my “friends” to do, keep listening to me rattle about the thing my world revolves around, I bet it gets old to them, I bet they run out of ways to try to comfort. I try to talk about other stuff, but it’s hard when my other stuff is minimal. 

So here it is, to the friends no longer by my side, to those yet to drift away; I forgive you! You will remain in my heart if you ever want to just say hi I would be happy to hear from you! 💕

🦋I am releasing the hurt & anger! Sending love and forgiveness! 🦋

When it comes to friendships vs chronic illnesses, only time will tell! 

It’s days like this~

It’s days like today that my Facebook community shakes their head and scrolls. It’s days like this that I am mentally motivated and physically dis-abeled that I post a lot, I respond more than normal, I research, and I read and I post some more! 

My mind is full of thoughts and ideas! I have the ambition to post on my Younique page, women’s circle pages, personal page, and astrology page! It is very productive, if only I could do half this much consecutively! 

If only my body would cooperate I could get a few much needed things done. But no my body is at war today, attacking itself! My lower back is sore but to stand for more than a minute or two feels like someone is cinching up a corset on me and it’s so tight I cannot breathe. The pain even comes around the front into my ribs! Yes this is a new area and/or new type of pain! 

So today I have tried my best to keep myself distracted from the pain by keeping my mind busy! 

Keeping busy is why I have so many Facebook pages, instragram and Snapchat- because it’s a good distraction. And most days staying distracted is the key to avoiding depression. 

Anyway, what tips do you have for staying distracted when your body is at war?