Throw my thoughts in a blender and take the lid off while they still spin~

I feel like life lately is flowing smooth and whirlwind spins at the same time. I am exhausted yet a new passion is driving me forward (I will explain that in a minute.) The last few weeks have been emotionally turbulent, highs and lows, worries and relief, happy and bitter. To even try to straighten it just confuses me more!

I am blissfully exhausted! 

For a few years now I have dabbled in making herbal lotions, trying to be a self taught herbalist! I never pursued it because, well, honestly I didn’t believe I was worth the effort; just another failed attempt! 

Little did I know I was already on the path to where I am now. As life does, one thing lead to another- or in my case, one online class/course leads to another. 

It is hard to explain what exactly happened or when exactly it happened, but in this amazing course about finding my purpose and being authentically myself,  a fire lit inside me to pursue the herbal dreams! And this fire is roaring!!! 🔥 

This class is a challenge for me because of my memory and reading retention, so I make tons of notes! I study between naps! I research! Trying to make the information stick. Some of it must be sticking, I passed my first quiz today! I am learning so much! I have no intention of making teas anytime soon because there are to many possible interactions between herbs and medications! So that will wait.

Oops- I got sidetracked! 

Anyway… I wanted to talk again about peace of mind! I know, I know, we have all heard “if you would just be more positive…” I am not going there! Where I am going is to that secret place where we go when suddenly something changes for us emotionally, acceptance? Maybe! But with that is more more important component; taking back control of our life. 

We don’t really have control over what our health does, but we can learn to work with our emotions over it. We can learn to not be consumed by an illness that will do what it wants regardless how we react to it. 

I am not saying be more positive- I hated that said to me! Maybe what I am saying is distract your emotions? But more over, I think what I am saying is there are ways to not let the disease control you! 

I take online courses, I love them! Sometimes I do good and am the class overachiever, other times I can’t make the computer mouse move. Sometimes the fog is so bad that nothing makes sense and I ask the most obvious questions. 

I have completely lost the point of this post! 

Instead of trying to make any sense now I will say this, we can still find happiness despite our  health. We can still find things to be passionate about. We do not have to let this Disease control, consume, and swallow us whole! 

Find your fire! 🔥


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