It’s a Spoonie thing~

Most people would laugh or think I am bonkers for the what you are about to read! *I am not claiming innocence on the bonkers thing! 

Anyway, two exciting things happened today that I think only a Spoonie would understand… 

1.) check out my new med bag! 

Yes, it is actually a cosmetic bag, but it’s cute right? And is deeper than my old one so it actually fits everything! 

Ok now for the biggest excitement… *que drum roll*****

As someone with Addison’s Disease I am supposed to carry an Emergency Injection kit in the even of a Crisis! Well, as thankful as I am to the doctor who was knowledgeable enough to diagnos me, his form of Emergency treatment is call him and head to a hospital. In the event of a crisis I will not be coherent enough to make a call, and who will answer his office number at 3am? 

I am now seeing a new doctor and guess what?

^^^There it is!!!^^^ 

I pray I never need it, but I would rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it. 

It is such an important tool for anyone and everyone with Adrenal Insufficiency to have this Emergency kit, so many lives could be saved if doctors would prescribe and educate… so many lost to not having it. 

Anyway, there is my excitement!!! 

Happy Sunday Spoonies! 😘


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