A New Normal~ maintaining control! 

It never occurred to me how happy I would be when the doctor decid d we could start spacing out my appointments! It was normal for me to go often; it started at a couple times per week, the weekly, then bi-weekly, then once a month which is where it’s been for over a year! But today the doctor said magic words; “we will see you for blood work in 3 months!” 

Three months?!!! I did a happy dance, my voice was not hiding the giggle bubbling inside me, I told the nurse, I told the receptionist, I told Chris probably 10 times, I told Facebook that MY NEXT APPOINTMENT IS 3.5 months away!

Now that the diagnosing has been done and verified and double checked my life settles into a new normal, maintaining control! This is bitter sweet news for me because it means this is what it is and I must learn to accept that! But it also means that I can find peace in my new normal! 

The new normal might take some time to adjust to, like I said in the past, I kept thinking I’d find a doctor who could make me into the old me again- that just isn’t going to happen. 

Today I finally press the play button on my life, it’s been on pause way to long. 

Day 1~ abounds with blessings! 🦋


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