The Price I pay~ (I’d pay happily)

I posted yesterday about how good things have been the last couple of days, I spoke to soon! Well, I didn’t actually speak to soon, I wanted to have good days while my son was here and I did, that prayer answered, for that I am thankful! 

BUT, I kept pushing! Everyone kept telling me to rest and slow down, but who can slow down when things are actually good? My response kept being “I am taking advantage of good days!” I wasn’t sure how long the good days would last, so I pushed it. I pushed to hard! 

I knew I had pushed to hard (or stopped uprising to soon) when last night the big d started! Then I woke up at 3am in pain, headache, and nauseous! I took 2.5mg then and went back to bed. At 8:30am this morning I woke up in screaming pain with cramps in both legs! Even now they feel like knots in my calves as I walk! The headache and nauseous are still making their presence known so I updosed again (2.5mg.)

I am still beyond grateful for the good days! This is a price a pay for them, I know that, and I’d pay it happily! 

Today is a rest day! 

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