Nearly Naked~ 

Nearly Naked, got your attention didn’t it? It’s not the way you think though! As a Spoonie we know that when it comes to clothing we usually have more sweat pants etc than we do going out clothes. Well, I have something I’d like to share!

The North Face Aphrodite 2.0 Capri Pants for women!!! A few weeks ago I got a pair, I wanted something a bit nicer than my usual and these were cute! OMG~ not just cute, but when I put them on I felt nearly Naked! Seriously!!!

Image from North Face website where I ordered the capris!

They are light weight, a smooth material that doesn’t rub or irritate any where! Oh and so far strong material because my puppy has put them to the snag test! 
 Nearly Naked!  I quickly ordered two more pairs because I was wearing them 2-3 days in a row (I shouldn’t admit that right?) now I have 3 colors! 

I Love my Aphrodite Capris! 💜 Sharing the love with you! 


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