Company Coming=House Cleaning Day~

You know how it is, company is coming (and that rarely happens) and this isn’t just any company this is our oldest son and his bride to be (they’ve never been here before,) so the house has to be spotless right? They said not to clean, to save my energy for the visit! 

They will be here Saturday and I’ve been antsy since Monday to dive into the cleaning (I love cleaning house but rarely am able.) So I put it off to today, not quite enough time to get it messy again but just enough time for me to rest for the visit! 

I wake up early, I am going to do this!!!

Off to a good start, the guest bathroom and the bedroom they will be staying in are done except floors, now for the living room and… NOPE, Not happening, not today anyway! I’m back in bed, muscles on fire, burning exhaustion, and joints that make body parts feel broken! 

These illnesses just make me so mad! 

*images saved from Pinterest


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