I got sun burned today!!!

This is really good news! I know you are probably thinking that there is nothing good about a sunburn, a few years ago I would have agreed! But for the last couple of years the sun and I haven’t gotten along. 

A few minutes of sun would cause pain, 10-15 minutes would start itching and causing hives! It would physically make me sick like I was being cooked from the inside out! 

I’ve pushed the envelope the last month because I noticed it didn’t cause pain! I have pushed it a couple of times, different times of day, different temperatures, different UV ratings- and no pain! 

So today I was outside more than normal, I forgot about the sun because it wasn’t hurting or making me sick. And guess what? 

I got a sunburn on my back and face!!!!

I don’t know what changes or happens, this is the third time my “allergy to the sun” has gone into remission! The sun on my skin feels so good! 

WhoopWhoop! The sun has kissed my skin! 


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