Friendships vs Chronic Illness

I have spent a lot of time and energy being really mad and really hurt when it comes to friendships vs my chronicness! I have nearly screamed “I am still here!” I have grown bitter and resentful because most of my friends won’t even try to understand what’s going on with me! I share info on Facebook and here and very few (if any) are even read/liked/commented on! Come on people don’t you even care?

Tonight as my pain keeps me from sleep I have read through many posts and blogs about friendships vs chronic illnesses and one thing in common regardless of the illness is the loss of friendships. 

At first friends are concerned, supportive, and stay in touch but after a while, little by little they drift away! They have lives to get on with, I see that more clearly now! 

Of all I read tonight the most important thing, written by a fellow blogger is this…

“I forgive them.”

I forgive them. Think about that, let it sink in. How powerful are those three little words?

* By “them” I mean the more healthy friends, those with jobs and a social life, those whose life is not lived in chronicness. 

Their lives must move on, yes it hurts us because we are left behind, stuck in this body that’s limits our life in so many ways, but they are not stuck! 

I don’t know what I should have expected my “friends” to do, keep listening to me rattle about the thing my world revolves around, I bet it gets old to them, I bet they run out of ways to try to comfort. I try to talk about other stuff, but it’s hard when my other stuff is minimal. 

So here it is, to the friends no longer by my side, to those yet to drift away; I forgive you! You will remain in my heart if you ever want to just say hi I would be happy to hear from you! 💕

🦋I am releasing the hurt & anger! Sending love and forgiveness! 🦋

When it comes to friendships vs chronic illnesses, only time will tell! 


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