It’s days like this~

It’s days like today that my Facebook community shakes their head and scrolls. It’s days like this that I am mentally motivated and physically dis-abeled that I post a lot, I respond more than normal, I research, and I read and I post some more! 

My mind is full of thoughts and ideas! I have the ambition to post on my Younique page, women’s circle pages, personal page, and astrology page! It is very productive, if only I could do half this much consecutively! 

If only my body would cooperate I could get a few much needed things done. But no my body is at war today, attacking itself! My lower back is sore but to stand for more than a minute or two feels like someone is cinching up a corset on me and it’s so tight I cannot breathe. The pain even comes around the front into my ribs! Yes this is a new area and/or new type of pain! 

So today I have tried my best to keep myself distracted from the pain by keeping my mind busy! 

Keeping busy is why I have so many Facebook pages, instragram and Snapchat- because it’s a good distraction. And most days staying distracted is the key to avoiding depression. 

Anyway, what tips do you have for staying distracted when your body is at war? 


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