I Hope You Never Have to Understand~ 

It’s said that “they don’t get it, till they get IT.” And   I agree, they don’t/can’t/ and most won’t even attempt to! What us Spoonies go through is a special kind of unimaginable thing, it cannot truly ever be described to the point of even 1/2 of what we go through to be understood! 

I hope they never have to understand! I wouldn’t wish one of my good days on anyone! With that said, I will say that when I am trying to spread awareness, to teach people about one of my illnesses, it really pisses me off when it all goes unheard and unseen! Honestly it makes me wanna scream “Don’t come to me when you want understanding!” 

Also with that said, I get it! I remember hiding or unfollowing people because they posted about the exact same thing all of the time and even though I cared about them, the posts were getting old! Now I look back and see, they were reaching out, they were sharing a passion, whatever it was How hard would it have been to make a brief comment? To click the 💜 or the 😂😢? Just to let them know that I see them, I hear them, I care too. 

I am blessed with an amazing husband and two sons (and a daughter in law to be) that do get it as much as a healthy person could get it! I am blessed with their support, their concern, their understanding, and their patience! Not a day goes by that I don’t count them as my highest blessings! My husband never misses a doctor appointment! Both sons check on me regularly and do what they can to make life more enjoyable! I am blessed to have them by my side! 

Even though we desperately seek understanding, awareness, and that void to be filled that chronic illness has put in our social life, they won’t get it till they get it. What is really sad about that, is watching a healthy person wake up one morning, just like we did, and they are sick, never to get better again! It’s happening more and more often. Then they get it! 

To the Healthy person reading this, I pray you never understand what we go through! I pray the day never comes that you wake up sick and it changes your whole world! I pray you never feel the feelings we (Spoonies) feel when people don’t get it, don’t try, and ignore our pleas. I pray! 

To my fellow Spoonies, for us I pray for the blessings of love and understanding! I pray that the people who stay in our lives to not get it, but to be an understanding support! 


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