A Special Shout Out~ To the friends, family, & caregivers! 

In this post, when I refer to “caregivers” I am referring to the family and friends who are always there for us, the ones who love us unconditionally, support us day and night! This reference is not intended as disrespect!

With that said…

I think their job is the hardest, they deal with something they do not understand on a daily basis! They wipe our tears (and maybe our rears,) they pickup prescriptions and dinner on their way home from work. Their life changes as ours does! 

This post is not for us Spoonies to dig out the guilt we carry, this post is to thank them for all they do!

To recognize those who are there, caring and protecting, loving and supporting, sacrificing and struggling too- We see you! We thank you! We appreciate you! We love you! Our lives are better because of you! The world is a better place because of you and people like you! 


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