The Cost of Staying Alive~

For the first time in my life, today I wanted to buy bathroom scales! I’m sick of the jolting heartbreak of another 3,5,7,9 pound gain that pops up on the scales at the dr office. 

They keep telling me it’s healthy weight! That it’s the medications! That I don’t need to worry. 

Not worry? Are you freaking serious? I am 5pounds from the weight I was at 9months pregnant with a 8lb11oz baby. Not worry? I am turning into a blimp! 

60 pounds- 60, that is how much I have gained! At first I loved it, and parts of me still does, but enough is enough! 

I know most of us Addison Spoonies experience the weight gain till levels, level out! I know many get depressed like I am trying not to. But I also know that we are actually thankful to the steroid, it is the price we pay to stay alive!

So when my shirts are to snug and my waistline rubs, I just need to remember, this breath I take now, is the exchange! And exchange I happily make! 


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