New Doctor Update~

Yesterday was the first actual doctor appointment with the new Dr, let’s call him      Dr. G.

It went well, he is obviously more knowledgeable about Addison’s and POTS than doctors I have dealt with in the past. So much so that POTS might get removed from my diagnosis list and orthostatic tachycardia be put as a symptom of the Addison’s Disease! One less diagnosis!!! That doesn’t change my symptoms or the way it’s treated, but it is one less diagnosis!!!

Dr. G also agreed that Adderall was not a good mix for me based on existing symptoms and the fact that brain fog is a symptom of most of my diagnosis and being so focused on just that isn’t helping. His reaction to the Alzheimer’s medication was kinda funny, he didn’t bat an eye about pulling me off of that for the same reasons as the Adderall and more reasons he didn’t go into, except to say that if Alzheimer’s is in my family, I should not take it unless I have Alzheimer’s. so two less medications!!!

However, he did add one medication, but it’s only temporary! Antibiotics! He literally said “Oh My God!” When he looked in my left ear, it frazzled him and he kept going back to look again! Says my ear drum is “gone” “chronic severe infection” he is trying one Z pack knowing it probably won’t help much. He is baffeled that I have no pain!*

*how often do we hear that? “You should be feeling pain? That really doesn’t hurt?” We are such badasses that we don’t feel pain even the doctors say we should! Or it could be our pian tolerance is so high because we deal with it daily that a little of ear infection doesn’t hurt! I prefer the badass theory!*

So I go back in a week to check the ear! Also hopefully by then my old doctor has sent to lab work that got the Addison’s Disease diagnosed! 

*remember all the whining I have been doing about not feeling good, thinking it was Enlyte, thyroid med, the weather, etc? Well, it is because the ear infection is eating my cortisol!*

I think I am going to like Dr G. He isn’t big on “try this medication” experimenting! He listens to me and asks questions that reflect he is listening to me! He is knowledgeable therefor puts things together quickly, for example I was telling him that I have really bad bloating but that pickles seem to help a lot! He then asked if I had pickles the day before my appointment and I said yes, he then said “that is why your bp didn’t change much during the lay down/ stand up blood pressure test.” He made some notes and went back to the bloating. *I had to look up the connection, I think it has to do with the salt intake. 

Anyway, I see him again next week! So far so good! 


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