Planners, Spoonie Style~

Okay a bit ago I posted about the Spoonie Planner set I ordered and absolutely love, I am still loving!!! But I ran into a problem, I had to many little notebooks (planners) to keep up with! Each had crucial and loved aspects, I couldn’t let go of any of them. 

*For this of you against cutting a book, please stop here!  

*No disrespect is meant toward any of the authors whose planners I use! 

But here is what I did…

My Spoonie Planner, Happy Planner, Holistic Planner, and two other journal/planners are all approximately the same size, so I cut the pages from their Sprial Bindings, hole punched them, and combine them all into one perfect planner! 

In addition to the planner pages, I took a tip (I posted about the Emergency file a while back) and at the front of the planner is Emergency Information! 

The Pages Behind that blue tab are Personal Info,  Emergency contact info, Emergency Protocols from the Adrenal Insufficiency United page, current Diagnosis’ and current Medications. 

I have also added daily inserts for hours of sleep, weather, resting pulse and Highest pulse, a medication checklist, and if I took a nap that day! 

All of that and regular planner stuff, to do lists, moon phases, and so on! Even the Addressbook from the Spoonie Planner is now in my daily planner. I love it! I love how everything is right there in one easy to work with place. It even fits in my purse!!! 

But… Yes there is a but! 

Now I have all of these pages of health journaling that are not bound and they cannot stay in my planner forever! I replace them monthly. So here is what I did…

The Medical Diary from the Spoonie Planner Set is now in a Happy Planner cover and when you flip it over the past Spoonie Planner pages are now in the “It’s your Year!” Cover. All on the same rings, easy to take to the dr, fun and playful looking! 

I love it! 

I love that even though my health is so unpredictable and makes having a “planner” pointless, that I can still enjoy the normalcy of a planner- a planner perfect for me! Kind of like being a flamingo in a flock of pigeons! 

I love being a happy planner~ Spoonie style! 


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