Oh it’s a ______thing. 

It’s multiple choice, and lately it’s really irritating because I forget that I have so many options to choose from…

Oh it’s a _______ thing. 

  1. #fibromyalgia
  2. #myofascialPain
  3. #ChronicPain
  4. #POTS
  5. #AddisonsDisease
  6. #Hypothyroidism
  7. Or a new symptom of #MultiSystemDegenerationOfTheAutonomicNervousSystem

Just pick one. At any given moment my symptoms are multiple choice, my irritated illness is usually multiple multiple choices. It’s a struggle to figure them out sometimes. And sometimes I completely forget symptoms of one and blame it on another. 

Yesterday for example I was having odd lower back and leg pain every time I was standing. I kept wondering what was going on. Hubby reminded me that those were POTS symptoms, how the heck did I forget that POTS also causes pain? POTS is in the “dizzy & blood pooling” section of my compartmentelized case of symptoms, not in the pain section. Till now. 

Some may wonder why it even matters which of the options it is, well, I can’t do what I have learned to do to help if I don’t know which one it is. For some symptoms a warm bath is good, but can make others worse. For some the heating pad is good, but others prefer ice. Some needs more salt, some need more electrolytes. Some need medication. 

Anyway, most of you reading this already know what a struggle this is for us daily, I just needed to vent because I’m having a venting day I guess! 

Well for now I will just assume it’s a fibromyalgia, myofascial pain, ChronicPain, POTS, Addisons Disease, Hypothyroidism, Or a new symptom of Multi-System Degeneration of the autonomic Nervous System kind of day. 

And by the way, I would swear Osteoporosis causes bone pain. Just sayin. 


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