Attempted Recovery or Lack of Enlyte~

This week has been my scheduled recovery week from an unusual week. And it’s felt good! But at times I wondered if I was getting worse instead of better. 

I’m documenting this here (and my journal) to keep track. 

Hubby pointed out last night that last week I also had a change in medication, I forgot about this. 

I ran out of the Enlyte, which I didn’t think was working anyway, last week! Since I am seeing the dr this coming Friday I didn’t bother to get it refilled! Once less pill to take!!!!

But maybe the Enlyte was helping! It’s shouldn’t be taking this long to recover, last week wasn’t that rough. 

So, I guess the next week will tell if I have been in recovery mode or if I am in a decline due to lack of Enlyte! 


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