My To-Do List~

Sunday evenings I fill out my planner & spoonie splanner getting ready for the week. It’s a visual boost For the week to come. I decorate it with stickers and quotes and other encouraging pieces, it’s fun. 

This past Sunday when I sat down to write in my planner it was simple.

  1. Rest
  2. Recover
  3. Recuperate 
  4. Sleep

That was for all of this week! 

I would normally feel really guilty for down days, forcing myself to do this or that. But, oddly enough, because my planner said that was the plan, there has been no guilt for taking care of me. This week I have done very little of anything except 1-4 above. And it’s been nice. 

I didn’t realize how good it felt to just be, to just let my body heal instead of pushing through. It feels amazing, like a cleaner deeper healing. 

My advice for today; schedule a RRR day or a whole week and just heal! 


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