Painsomnia=tech support! Seriously! 

Tonight the pain is hitting to hard to sleep! My hips will not allow comfort in any position. I tossed and turned, I shared a bajillion memes on Facebook, I tried to read but the vision thing stops that… So I got out of bed in hopes of hubby getting much needed sleep…

So I sat down at the new computer and chatted with tech support for an hour! 

Seriously! Not about my pain or lack of sleep ability. We got this new home computer (I’ll tell you why in a second,) and I couldn’t install Office. So there I sat (wiggled) and typed (moaning) to try to fix it! Know what they said “wait two hours and try again!” I find this funny because tha used to be my motto about trying to go back to bed. 

Wait two hours and try again. 

The vice gripping my hips is not letting up. It feels like rain pains, except there is no rain in the 10 day forecast. No idea what’s going on now. 

So, the new computer… Saturday me and electronics did not get along at all! The laptop got fried, my iPhone screen went stripes and needs replaced, I couldn’t find chargers, a light bulb overhead blew, batteries were draining before my eyes. It was crazy! Oh and my Fitbit decided it would join the party! 

New home computer! New Fitbit (the Charge 2 is freaking awesome!!!) Will call about new phone tomorrow!- yes it was a very expensive weekend! 

Oddly though, it was a good weekend. I got way spoiled by my son which included quality time just talking.

Hubby made the turn around trip, it was award for both of us to admit that me staying home was good for both of us. He says when I am in pain I must just suck the energy from everyone around me because he wasn’t nearly as tired this trip~ yeah that was kind of hard to hear but at the same time it is a relief! I’d rather stay home and he agrees. 

Anyway, I’m just babbling on now, waiting for my two hours- lol! 

Happy Monday, first day of Spring! 


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