Oh, so now you understand? 

It has happened a few times lately, where suddenly something I do/go through/experience makes sense to someone because they seen it with their own eyes! It is nice to finally get understanding, yet at the same time are my words not enough? Can you not trust what I say? 

Around the Yule Holiday I returned home and seen my oldest son that I hadn’t seen in over a year. Suddenly “omg mom is really sick!” 

Tomorrow my dearest hubby is making another turn around trip of driving 16+ hours in a 24 hour span, we have been making these trips for about a year now. This trip I will not be joingin him, as per his request because “it takes to much out of you.” “You don’t recover as well.” “Each trip gets tougher.”  Truth of the matter is this last trip and the day after you were able to see what I really go through. 

I’m glad the understanding is there, yet it does hurt my feelings that my word didn’t relay the reality of what has been happening enough to have been believed sooner. 

So anyway, it looks like I am sitting out this turn around trip. I’m so relieved. To just sleep will be amazing. 


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