To admit it or not to admit it~

When you know something new is going wrong but you hope and wish and pray that if you don’t think about it, don’t talk about it, don’t admit it that maybe, just maybe it will go away…

😂I’m a Spoonie with more diagnosis than most people get in their lifetime- I know better!!! Yet I do it. I ignore the problem and pray it goes away. Even when it happens more frequently and stays longer…

(My friends and family reading this are about to freak out… In 3…2…)

It’s my vision. 

I don’t read like I used to because sometimes I cannot see the words. I shake my head, I’ve put eye drops in for the dry eyes, I’ve adjusted lighting.

Sometimes I can see just fine. I have not found a trigger. Reading does not give me headaches. I don’t even know what to say about it because it is so random. 

I don’t want to have it checked because I don’t want something new to be wrong! Duh it already is messed up, haven’t I learned from trying to tough other stuff out…. yes I am talking to myself in a blog post. No I have not given myself any information I didn’t already know. 

Since this symptom is getting worse instead of better, maybe I should get it checked. Hmmm. 

Well that’s my Wednesday randomness. 


One thought on “To admit it or not to admit it~

  1. It’s probably not the same but I’ve spent a while putting off reading because of difficulty. It’s like the words are blurred but still in focus and if I focus hard I can see them clearly. For me it’s turned out to be my eye shaking from muscle weakness which is why it gets worse when I’m stressed, tired or having an eds flair. If it is this they can prescribe prisms for glasses that do make it a lot easier and less painful (although I didn’t realise I was in pain until they tried a prism).

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