Salt to Shrink~

Okay I’ve heard of it working for snails, pour a little salt on them and they shrink, well that is not actually what they do so maybe this was a bad start!

I don’t feel like starting over so just roll with me here. 

Sometimes I bloat up, like almost overnight, and it’s not just a little bloat. Take a look…

That is center of the belly bloat that was not here a couple of days ago! And omg it’s tight, like can’t bend over to tie my shoes tight! This is not normally a picture I would post, but For anyone else who experiences this, you are not alone. 

I posted about this in a couple of groups, I got various answers that come from their experiences, but it wasn’t until one person said “extra salt” did the alarms go off! 

I hadn’t felt good most of the week and did not do much of my own cooking, was out of pickles, and was to tired to add salt to the food I was eating…

I remember hearing that the salt will help, so after “extra salt” was said this morning I decided to test it…

For the rest of today and tomorrow I will  I will add extra salt! I’ll keep you updated! 


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