Omg!!! Have you got yours yet? I don’t work with nor am I affiliated in anyway with #ournewhealthy but I have a RAVE review to share with the Spoonie world!!! 

I have waited for months, sometimes not so patiently, since the moment I first heard about a genius Spoonie sister inventing a planner geared toward us Spoonies!!! My excitement has been borderline obsessive! Seriously! 

The day I got the email saying the planner set had shipped I had a moment of “what if it isn’t as cool as I had hoped it would be?” So I got nervous. 

Today this bundle of pink arrived…

…and I couldn’t be happier! 

Where to start… it has cancellation cheat sheets, like ideas of what to say when we need to cancel! There is a cheat sheet to explain How I am doing today! Quotes~ I love quotes and there is one on every page! 

I love the Try new Things spot, I need to to do this, try new things! People to reach out to– seriously? It is so easy to get stuck in my solitary rut! 

Weekly Health updates, Pain Level… I won’t give it all away, but seriously fellow Spoonies, this set is so worth getting! 

Shh- don’t tell anyone, but I cut the spiral binding out and have put 4 weeks at a time into my Happy Planner, it’s a perfect fit and I only need to carry one journal now!!! I love it!!! 

So now I am Happy Spoonie Planner excited! 

I just wanted to share this with you. 

Oh if you are interestedHere is the link to the Etsy site.

I love it! #SpooniePlanner 


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