Symptoms- The long and the short of it~

I’m having a low Cortisol day!” Or “it’s a bad Fibro day!” “The POTS is kicking my butt today!”  I have said these things a million times, as most of us with chronic illnesses do! It’s such a short little sentence, have you ever noticed that? I hadn’t paid it any anttention until yesterday when I was reading through a low Cortisol list and realized I experience That daily! Then looked at he list again. WOW! 


On a low Cortisol day we say 

“I am experiencing Rapid Heart Rate, Forgetting Words, Zoning Out, Anxiety, Blank Stare, Hunger, Forgetful, Perplexed, Sweating, Brain Fog, Tiredness, Clumsy, Irritated, Confusion, Blurred Vision, Shakiness, Apraxia (inability to perform particular purposive actions,) Bewildered, Exhausted, Frustrated, Weakness, Disorientated, Inappropriate Behavior, Mood Swings, Crying, Headaches, Depression, Nervousness, Noise Sensitivity, Depression, Exaggerated Startle Response, Fatigue, Cramping, Flank Pain, Low Blood Pressure, Low Blood Sugar, Lack of Appetite, Dizziness. (And that’s not counting any other illnesses!) 

Instead of…

“I am having a low Cortisol day.”

And people say we talk to much about our illness, they say we are tomdramatic… whip out a symptoms list, see who is dramatic then! Ha! 

But seriously, we sell our selves short when we think we are being weak, look at each of your symptoms and see how amazingly strong you really are! 

Here are 4 of my worst illnesses that effects me daily…

I experience those things on a daily basis! It is my life! Yet I function, sometimes minimally, but I am still here! 

Most people, if they had a to-do list with that many things on it would get overwhelmed, yet we do it, daily. 

Doesn’t that just blow your mind?

I am a badass! 

You are a badass! 

So next time you say “it’s just a bad Fibro day!” Cheer yourself on because that is one hell of a day!!! A day healthy people would be in the ER begging for pain killers! Yet here you are! 

Next time you see a friend “over posting on fb,” “whining again about their pain,” “being dramatic with her illness,” be thankful it isn’t you fighting that disease! Be compassionate and kind because it is an exhausting never ending fight! 

Spoonies, never put yourself down for not doing enough or for being weak- our life is pretty jam packed just to live! 


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