What the H*ll just happened? 

Always something new right? Right! I should be used to it! Wrong!

I was having a good day, well, fairly good! The front lawn needed some weed & feed on it, it had been days in the prepping process, today was the day! All I had to do was push the little wagon thingy around the yard a couple of times! Easy! Wrong again! 

Before I even went out I remember a pain in my hip and I even thought to myself “was that a sign not to do this today?” But oh NO, let’s ignore my intuition! Let’s do it anyway! 

Less than 10 steps into my process and it happens! Whatever the heck IT is, it doubled me over, knocked my breath away! My hip! Pain searing! Then GONE! I straightened back up, took a few more steps, BAM, all over again. But I had to finish the lawn. This stop and go continues, finally I am done! I park the little buggy, turn to come inside the gate and DOWN I go…

A few failed attempts of getting up, I crawled my way back to the house, up the steps, into the house where I laid crying for I don’t know how long. The pain subsided and I got up. 

Oh I can still feel it hurts, but I can walk! I have NO IDEA what that was! Whatever it was screamed at me to just rest today! I tried to ignore it, but now I will listen. 

So, an epsom salt bath and into bed for me! 

Dear Intuition, I’m sorry I didn’t listen! 


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