Med Refill Day~ yay~

This morning, before I rudely ignored my intuition, I was organizing my meds for the coming week! One of my least favorite things to do! 

And I needed to update my One day supply that I keep in my purse, I usually use this if we are out somewhere when it’s time to take whatever dose. I always forget to update this organizer when dosage or medication changes. 

So those are done. 

You know you are a Spoonie when… Your personal supplement supply looks like you could open your own supplement store. 

Taking inventory, adding in what came today! The NAC I go through like crazy! 

And GNC sent me a cookie! A snack for after getting all of this organized, it’s a tough job! 

So I am all set for the week! 

Yes this is a random post, I’m bored, borderline sleepy! Maybe I will take a nap! 

Happy Saturday! 


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