Why do we do this? 

What is one thing every Spoonie does on the Rare but ever so welcome good day? I am sure we all do it, most of us do it every chance we get… what is it? 

Over-do-it! We catch up on cleaning, we catch up with friends, we catch up with stuff we do not usually feel up to doing! We over-do-it! 

The title of this post is so inaccurate because I know WHY we over-do-it, we don’t know when our next “good day” will be, because it feels good to be able to “do” something, because it’s a moment we can contribute, because we miss the ability to do these things. The WHY has so many answers! But OMG- WHY DO WE DO IT? 

We know the consequences, we know the state it will put us in for the days or weeks to come! It is almost like we temporarily forget that we are going to hurt really bad tomorrow for this good day today! 

Last night before going to bed I posted on fb for my friends to laugh if I whined about pain (today) because I knew what I was doing! 

What was I thinking? I did NOT know what I was doing. Yes, I expected the pain and fatigue today, and I can deal with that! Sometimes the next day’s pain is worth the overdoing it. 


I forgot to add in one very important factor… Cortisol gets burned by every movement, extra movements require extra meds sometimes. Yesterday I took almost 16,000 foot steps, I usually barely reach 3000 and 6000 is a good day. I should have compensated my dose. I was Awaken at 3:30am with a splitting-pounding- 9 on the pain scale Low Cortisol headache. I took a small “holder” dose to hold me over till actual med time. I have now taken 3 of my morning doses plus half and the low Cortisol symptoms are still lingering. 

Why did I forget to updose? It’s not like this is the first time I got myself into this painful mess, why don’t I learn? Grrr. 

Anyway, happy Friday! Have a warm cozy day and an adventurous weekend. 


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