Planners, Spoonie Style~

Okay a bit ago I posted about the Spoonie Planner set I ordered and absolutely love, I am still loving!!! But I ran into a problem, I had to many little notebooks (planners) to keep up with! Each had crucial and loved aspects, I couldn’t let go of any of them. 

*For this of you against cutting a book, please stop here!  

*No disrespect is meant toward any of the authors whose planners I use! 

But here is what I did…

My Spoonie Planner, Happy Planner, Holistic Planner, and two other journal/planners are all approximately the same size, so I cut the pages from their Sprial Bindings, hole punched them, and combine them all into one perfect planner! 

In addition to the planner pages, I took a tip (I posted about the Emergency file a while back) and at the front of the planner is Emergency Information! 

The Pages Behind that blue tab are Personal Info,  Emergency contact info, Emergency Protocols from the Adrenal Insufficiency United page, current Diagnosis’ and current Medications. 

I have also added daily inserts for hours of sleep, weather, resting pulse and Highest pulse, a medication checklist, and if I took a nap that day! 

All of that and regular planner stuff, to do lists, moon phases, and so on! Even the Addressbook from the Spoonie Planner is now in my daily planner. I love it! I love how everything is right there in one easy to work with place. It even fits in my purse!!! 

But… Yes there is a but! 

Now I have all of these pages of health journaling that are not bound and they cannot stay in my planner forever! I replace them monthly. So here is what I did…

The Medical Diary from the Spoonie Planner Set is now in a Happy Planner cover and when you flip it over the past Spoonie Planner pages are now in the “It’s your Year!” Cover. All on the same rings, easy to take to the dr, fun and playful looking! 

I love it! 

I love that even though my health is so unpredictable and makes having a “planner” pointless, that I can still enjoy the normalcy of a planner- a planner perfect for me! Kind of like being a flamingo in a flock of pigeons! 

I love being a happy planner~ Spoonie style! 


Oh it’s a ______thing. 

It’s multiple choice, and lately it’s really irritating because I forget that I have so many options to choose from…

Oh it’s a _______ thing. 

  1. #fibromyalgia
  2. #myofascialPain
  3. #ChronicPain
  4. #POTS
  5. #AddisonsDisease
  6. #Hypothyroidism
  7. Or a new symptom of #MultiSystemDegenerationOfTheAutonomicNervousSystem

Just pick one. At any given moment my symptoms are multiple choice, my irritated illness is usually multiple multiple choices. It’s a struggle to figure them out sometimes. And sometimes I completely forget symptoms of one and blame it on another. 

Yesterday for example I was having odd lower back and leg pain every time I was standing. I kept wondering what was going on. Hubby reminded me that those were POTS symptoms, how the heck did I forget that POTS also causes pain? POTS is in the “dizzy & blood pooling” section of my compartmentelized case of symptoms, not in the pain section. Till now. 

Some may wonder why it even matters which of the options it is, well, I can’t do what I have learned to do to help if I don’t know which one it is. For some symptoms a warm bath is good, but can make others worse. For some the heating pad is good, but others prefer ice. Some needs more salt, some need more electrolytes. Some need medication. 

Anyway, most of you reading this already know what a struggle this is for us daily, I just needed to vent because I’m having a venting day I guess! 

Well for now I will just assume it’s a fibromyalgia, myofascial pain, ChronicPain, POTS, Addisons Disease, Hypothyroidism, Or a new symptom of Multi-System Degeneration of the autonomic Nervous System kind of day. 

And by the way, I would swear Osteoporosis causes bone pain. Just sayin. 

Thyroid~ omg! 

So things have been roost turvy lately, have you noticed? Well today I am scrolling through Facebook and there is a post about “is your thyroid working correctly?” OMG NO!!!

I don’t know why I didn’t think of it it before now, but almost 2 months ago we switched me from Armour thyroid to Levothyroxine— I bet my thyroid numbers are off!!! 

Anyway, I just had to shout this out real quick! Isn’t it lovely dealing with so many illnesses that you forget about some! Haha. 

The Glass Box (on a trampoline)

This image from BBC was perfect for what I am going to attempt to explain. 

As a spoonie I am so used to brain fog! I know what brain fog feels like, what it looks like. 

Then what the hell did I miss? And how did I miss it?

Image from BBC— by the way- I thought this was a trampoline, so imagine a glass box on a trampoline!

Today I looked back on my last week, journal entries, fb and blog posts, and other things I’ve said and done and what I see is a very foggy week, yet I had no idea it was foggy. 

I have gone this whole week talking about how good I am doing, how good I feel… I have been in a blissful state. Recovering, just like I planned…

I posted this on my Facebook earlier this morning.

Why would I post that??? My heart rate jumped 40beats when I got out of bed- my heart rate was not stable! 

I do not see my fog, I do not feel like there is any fog yet there is definitely fog. So it’s like my thoughts are in a glass box, a glass box on a trampoline, that the world around me is bouncing on. 

Stop this ride I want to get off! 

I hate when I can’t tell what’s happening with my thoughts. 

Like tonight, dinner needs cooked. Maybe there is stuff in the kitchen to cook dinner. Maybe there isn’t it. I should cook dinner. Hmmm. What sounds good. I should start dinner. Have I cooked this week? I did on Monday. I should look at what’s to cook. Dinner remains uncooked. 

My thoughts are not getting out, just bouncing around in this glass box, on a trampoline. 

Attempted Recovery or Lack of Enlyte~

This week has been my scheduled recovery week from an unusual week. And it’s felt good! But at times I wondered if I was getting worse instead of better. 

I’m documenting this here (and my journal) to keep track. 

Hubby pointed out last night that last week I also had a change in medication, I forgot about this. 

I ran out of the Enlyte, which I didn’t think was working anyway, last week! Since I am seeing the dr this coming Friday I didn’t bother to get it refilled! Once less pill to take!!!!

But maybe the Enlyte was helping! It’s shouldn’t be taking this long to recover, last week wasn’t that rough. 

So, I guess the next week will tell if I have been in recovery mode or if I am in a decline due to lack of Enlyte! 

My To-Do List~

Sunday evenings I fill out my planner & spoonie splanner getting ready for the week. It’s a visual boost For the week to come. I decorate it with stickers and quotes and other encouraging pieces, it’s fun. 

This past Sunday when I sat down to write in my planner it was simple.

  1. Rest
  2. Recover
  3. Recuperate 
  4. Sleep

That was for all of this week! 

I would normally feel really guilty for down days, forcing myself to do this or that. But, oddly enough, because my planner said that was the plan, there has been no guilt for taking care of me. This week I have done very little of anything except 1-4 above. And it’s been nice. 

I didn’t realize how good it felt to just be, to just let my body heal instead of pushing through. It feels amazing, like a cleaner deeper healing. 

My advice for today; schedule a RRR day or a whole week and just heal!