Potential New Doctor~

First I need to say, I am ever so thankful for my existing doctor. Over the last year he has found and treated so much, he has brought me from practically bed bound to walking some days without assistance. So even though I am excited about today don’t think I am not grateful for how far I’ve came. 

My existing doctor and I have came to a point where he has done all he knows to do and is now playing a guessing game and for some reason has stopped listening to me and instead goes off on his own tangents. This doctor, as most of you know, is an 8 hour drive from my home. With monthly appointments this gets exhausting and expensive. 

Through an Addisons Disease support group I was recommended a doctor (general doctor) less than 30minutes from our home. 

And here is where I am introduced to a new term… concierge Doctor! What the heck does that mean? 1800$ and I get what? 

Wikipedia definition

Hmmm, so I get this nearly 5 Star rated doctor, same day appointments, phone/email/text access whenever I need him, he will be attending at the hospital if I am hospitalized, 45minute appointment time slots, more individualized care, not talking to a recording every time I call… the list goes on and on! So why wouldn’t I do this? 

For some people this wouldn’t make much financial sense, or much sense at all, but for me, this is amazing news! 

So today my dear hubby and I go for a consultation to meet this doctor, to make sure we are a good fit! I have enough experience now to know what I am looking for! 

  • Does he listen to me?
  • Does he know what he’s talking about?
  • Will I be co-person on my care team?
  • Does he bandaid or research? 
  • Does he focus on horses when he needs to think Zebra! 

this list could go on and on too, but that is what today is about, seeing if we can work together! 

I’m not nervous, I am excited, I have a good feeling about this! And a wishful thinking part of me is hopeful to reduce the medications by a lot! I truly feel I am on to much! We shall see. 

Anyway, I just thought I would share, us Spoonies know how hard it is to find a good doctor, hence the reason we stick with a mediocre doctor when we find one. 

Wish me luck today! 



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