Static fuzz, only quietly! 

It is almost 5pm already and I haven’t a clue where the day has gone! I haven’t napped, I don’t think! 🤔 

I knew today would be weird but I didn’t know what to expect after yesterday! I updosed again this morning to kick that headache and it did, but all day my brain is like static fuzz on my quieter! Like a radio not tuned to any channel, yet the speakers are not silent. 

It’s a nice break from the constant chatter that is my mind, yet I would love to accomplish something or at least be sleeping. 

Recovering from a super low Cortisol crash is rough, it takes time, and I am really trying to learn to be patient. Oh but I hate to feel this way!!! 


I also think the weather is about to get colder, my knees are not cooperating. 

Oh and I just found out that our planners got stuck in customs and won’t be out till Next week! Super bummed about the #SpooniePlanner lateness but it is what it is. Next week will be a good mail week. 


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