Cortisol Crash~

Today started out good! Then hubby used the T word. Taxes! That mean paperwork, long form, I’m not organized or ready! This cannot be happening! When we were finally ready to go I was not talking straight, or walking right, a little cranky! I hate paperwork! Taxes means do you remember?  And “where is that paper!” 

*I was late taking my HC*

Long story short, Taxes are done! 

Bad news, is seeing in numbers how much my medical crap cost us last year!

Good news, we don’t owe! 

Even though I threatened that if I started crisis or anxiety attack in the tax office for them to just leave me there, it would be a good tax break for hubby next year and he’d save a ton of money by switching to widow- (he didn’t find that funny.) I made it out of the office feeling okay! 

The brain fog is pretty bad! 

The pain was setting in but I thought nothing of it! We went to dinner and what I remember is 1.) the lady came back at least three times asking if we were ready to order yet (just leave me alone!!!) and 2.) hubby kept talking to me about whatever was on tv- whatever that was! 

We came home, he heard air hissing from the tire, I just stared at it like I had never seen it before. I remember having a billion questions, but I remember knowing they were stupid questions but I didn’t know why, so I didn’t ask them. 

Hubby leaves, I crawl into bed, the puppy was howling because he want out of his kennel, but I just laid there, letting him howl! He must have stopped because next thing I know is me waking up headed for the bathroom, rating to the porcelain god and hoping this isn’t crisis because hubby is at the tire shop and I left the phone by the bed. I remember being scared, what if? 

At some point I took my blood pressure, I remember wondering if it was okay. 

The vomiting stopped, I went back to bed! Woke with a killer headache and irritable- actually angry! 

Duuuuuh!!!! Updose! Updose plus some! NOW!!!! (Stress dose)

So I took some extra HC- I’m still unbelievably cranky, my stomach is tickling my throat, but hopefully this will calm down! 

Today I learned a valuable lesson~ I will not be thinking strainght when/if crisis does hit! I need to make ME an EMERGENCY cheat sheet, with questions and answers and directions of what to do according to yes or no to the answers. 

I’ve never thought about what happens if I go into crisis when I’m home alone! It’s never occurred to me that I might not know what what to do! 

Addys, do you have suggestions? 

*maybe I do have a plan in place and am not thinking straight right now. 
***both images from keep calm o matic 


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