Starting over~ 

I’m ending the love hate relationship I was having with Adderall! My enjoyment of life had completely disappeared. I was on auto pilot, just going and going, the pain was still there but I just kept going. I wasn’t doing my belly dancing, I wasn’t taking the time for journaling or the online courses that I love, I was just obsessed with organizing and re-organizing cupboards and cleaning. 

I would not think I would just do, I would not rest, I was skipping medications because “I was to busy” to stop. I was numb. I was on auto pilot and I didn’t like it. 

I may sleep a lot without the med, but I like me more without it. The quality of waking hours is better without the med. 

I have not liked the me I was becoming on it. I was bossy and irritable. I have to admit, I like the boost that allowed me to get so much accomplished. 

I just don’t think the accomplishments are worth the burn out I felt, the unease with not being able to stop, the lack of enjoyment in anything! I don’t feel the trade off was worth it. 


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