Two weeks of WOW~

So much has happened in the last two weeks I Have to blog it all down, it been a mind numbing whirlwind…

To quit smoking~ it’s been a week now, I took up camping so it hasn’t been a bad experience, but I loose the vape several times a day and it’s so irritating! So here is yay me #1! 

Shimmy shimmy~ I started a belly dancing exercise and I love it. It doesn’t feel like exercising, it’s low impact and slow enough my heart doesn’t sky rocket. This is yay me #2! 

Adderall~ This med and I are in a love hate relationship! It certainly boosts my energy does nothing (if not makes it worse) for the brain fog! So you are probably thinking “yay for energy- fatigue sucks!” Don’t envy me my energy!!! Like a car stuck in DRIVE with lots of fuel & 4 flat tires and no brakes! A. My body is not used to doing all the things I am doing…

  • Squirrel~ I start to clean the floors, then a dog runs by (squirrel) so I give all 3 of them a bath, while in there I notice the bathroom needs cleaned (squirrel) so I clean the bathroom but remember the floors part way through (squirrel) so I go finish the floors, I notice the floor rugs are dirty (squirrel) I throw the little ones in the wash, I get out the shampooer and clean the big ones, I put that away and finish the floors, as I am doing that I have to duck under the clothes I hung to dry yesterday so I stop to fold clothes, oh the closet is a mess, organize that, finish floors, oh yeah the bathroom (squirrel) I notice the bathroom cupboards are an unorganized mess so I organize those, getting rid of tons of outdated and “won’t use this” stuff. Oh it’s time to get dinner ready (squirrel) the kitchen needs a deep clean (squirrel) so do that…. This is how my days are going! And all that is after…

I am driving~ a rarity for me because I am terrified of driving, my brain works to slow so I just stay home. But Auto pilot kicked in and 4 days in a row I have left the house, day 1 I came home with a…

Puppy~ my first day venturing to the store on my own a older man offers me a puppy that he is on the way to the pound to drop off the pup- my heart broke- so I brought home a puppy! 

Which led to day 2’s adventure to the vet, also led to waking every two hours for two nights to a whining puppy. He is adorable though! 

Pharmacy battle~  Two days outings were due to having a battle with the pharmacy AGAIN, about them trying to give me Qualitest HC, which makes me very sick and doesn’t work anyway! 

Grocery getter~ One of the days out I decided to save hubby a trip to the grocery store, so I got groceries, lots of them! I did however, forget that no one was home to help me unload them! That about kicked my but.

Meanwhile~ my body is exhausted from all of the new activity on top of the existing pains! So while it is cool to have energy to get so much done, it is so not cool that my “go get em” energy level is ignoring my “stop this hurts” pain level! 

And finally~ My body said No More today and is forcing a down day. So today I am just resting. Letting my muscles and joints take a break. Nursing a low Cortisol headache and a nauseas tummy. 

But~ we will have a late night because when hubby gets off of work tonight we make the 8.5 hour drive for the weekend visit with my bonus daughter! So my exhaustion will be on hold till Monday. 

Oh and… As a step into my rebel spirit, honoring myself despite what others may think, at 40 years old I got my nose pierced and I love it!!!

Omg it’s been a busy couple of weeks! And that’s not even all, but it is all I will post today! 

Blessings! 💜


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