The Co$t of staying alive~

I’m sitting here at the pharmacy, wondering what it’s all worth! Wondering how people can afford to stay alive, where does the money come from, what am I missing… just wondering?

*image found on Pinterest.

I am insured, twice! I am on several prescription medications (yet I feel like crap?) but I am having a pity party about the two I am picking up today. But first let me say; I know many people that are on way more expensive medications, way more of them! I honestly do not see how we Spoonies survive. 

Okay the two I am dealing with today; Mematine (it’s 1 of several for the brain fog, it’s an Alzheimer’s medication) and Hydrocortisone (it’s the steroid that keeps me alive.) My portion after insurance for each; Mematine approx 350$, HC approx 125! Granted these are 3 Month supplies, which ends up being cheaper than per month, but still…

*image from webmd .com

It makes me sick to my stomach that it’s costing my husband so much to keep me alive and functioning at the level I function (which changes minute to minute.) He doesn’t complain, he doesn’t bat an eye, but I care! It’s like renting a very expensive vehicle that doesn’t even operate correctly- NOW WHY WOULD ANYONE DO THAT??? 

*image from Dreamstime .com

I’m lucky enough that we can afford my meds, hubby always takes care of it, but what about people who aren’t in such a position, how do they survive. How is it even legal to charge such prices? Can anything be done? 
Btw- I’m still at the pharmacy waiting- people are coming in with children who have just been diagnosed with the flu-  

489.69$~ I’m leaving the pharmacy! 


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