I had a doctors appointment today~ 

Yep, that 8 hour drive to and from (we are a few hours away from home still,) to see the doctor that has done so much good! 

I do have concerns, he doesn’t seem to be on track with me like he used to, I have to remind him of Diagnosis’ that he diagnosed, he down plays Addisons, and numerous other oddities! The down play of Addisons has me worried; he told me that people on their medication will NOt have an Addison Crisis (VERY INTRUE!!!) he also feels that replacing Hydrocortisone with Fludrocortisone to treat my POTS & Addisons is perfectly safe (VERY UNTRUE!!!) The two should be taken together, and Hydrocortisone should NOT be stopped suddenly!!! 

Picture is not my work- I cannot remember where I got it. Apologies to whomever.

Aside from that, when we spoke about the Fibro fog, for which he already has me on a coupled medications for, he asked if I’ve ever been diagnosed ADD, I said No, yet that seemed to be the theme for the appointment. I gave an example of stoplights as an example, that I had a hard time relaying the messages from my brain, stopping for red- I know it’s red, I know to stop, but getting the action to happen has a delay. So he says “So you just aren’t paying attention?” Say what? That is nowhere near what I just said!!! 

So anyway… I’m pouting and mad! I am trying the Adderall, maybe it will work, that would be awesome if it did. It just makes me mad that he is no longer listening to me! 

He also mentioned repeatedly of sending me to Mayo Clinic- and that terrifies me! But it may be where I end up! 

Today’s appointment wasn’t bad, I got NO NEW DIAGNOSIS’ but the appointment just made me feel… something isn’t right. 


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