I AM A nonsmoker~

It is long passed time, I’ve tried many times, but I need to commit, I am committing, this time I will succeed! 

I am a nonsmoker! (I’ve heard talking about it as if it were true helps it become true.) 

I’ve tried patches and gums, herbs and tapping, hypnosis, and the list goes on and on! My excuse as a Spoonie was “it’s the only thing in my life I have control over.” So while that statement is still true, I will eliminate this nasty and bad for my health habit, replacing it with a positive healthy habit like meditating! 

I’ve needed to make this change for so long, and with my already multiple chronicnesses you would think I would have done it sooner, especially since most of my ailments are made worse by smoking. 

Somehow it fell out of my mouth earlier that hubby and I quit together- TOMMOROW!!!!! 

I know this is controversial, but I will be using a vape to quit! Maybe trading one bad for another, but I am going to do it. 

Send me some success vibes! 💕💕💕🕯


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