Planning ahead~

I’m not sure why I have not learned to do this~

How do you know when to refill your prescriptions & order new supplements? 

Do you want to know how I’ve been doing it? Do you want to know the way not to do it?  I refill my pill organizer once a week! When I refill it I will watch for what will be low or empty next week, then I set the bottle aside and call it in later! Or in the case of supplements I place the order later. Later! I forget! I forget a lot! And forgetting got me into trouble yesterday! Yes I lived through it, but I did not want to. 

So today I have sat down with all of my medications and supplements and wrote in my planner Reminders, BIG REMINDERS, of when to re-order! No more of the old way, it obviously was not working. 

Later today I am going to make up reusable cards with each medication & supplement, I will hole punch them and they will be placed with the day the refill is due. Making life easier! Right? I hope. 

Do you have tips and tricks for medication organization and refill reminders? I’d love to hear from you! 


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