I didn’t think it helped~

It’s a supplement, seriously how much could it possibly be doing?

Let me tell you a story~ 

Over the last week my depression was hitting new levels of low! A lot has been going on in my life and I assumed that they were the cause of this dropping sense of worth. Then this morning I woke up in a state of complete worthlessness, a burden to all, ready to end it. But something kept saying no, this isn’t right- slow down. I posted online about my depression, and a reply asked about a chocolate cake I had ate. Awe- so now I am posting to groups asking about the cake. Hubby reminds me that I had been off of NAC almost a week, hence the reason he made an afterwork dash to the store Saturday night to get it. 

Pause-! I have been on 2400mg of NAC for almost a year- Dr recommended to help with the side effects of all of the medication. 

Did you know NAC is a super detoxifier? It’s so often used for aid in withdrawal from opiates and other drugs. It’s also an aide with depression and schizophrenia. It’s uses are mindblowing! 

Play-! So we are pretty sure that the sudden lack of NAC in my system AND the sudden binge of all of those ingredients in the cake, bust mostly LACK of NAC was assaulting my system. 

So now I see, and I have learned my lesson, that when a doctor says “DO NOT COME OFF OF ANYTHING I RECCOMEND WITHOUT MY PERMISSION,” he is not just saying that. My body desperately needs that 2400mg of that amazing little supplement. 

No, I’m not feeling better yet, it will take a few days, but now I know! 

I am ever so curious though, how do others take their medicine and NOT know about NAC? After what I’ve seen and been through in the last week, I am ever so thankful to this little pill that I didn’t think was even helping. 

Btw- this is the supplement that I ran out of, not one that I decided to quit taking. More had been ordered but the shipment was lost- it will be here tomorrow. 


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