Oops, forgot to order more~

I am on prescription medications and doctor recommended/prescribed vitamins and supplements, I have them all organized in a handy pill organizer to help me remember to take them. 

Now I need a handy organizer to remind me to refill them! 

I forget often to order my supplements, I don’t reorder one bottle at a time, I order several! Take the NAC for example, I go through a couple of bottles a month, I order 3 at a time, two for this month and one to hold me over till the next order arrives… if I remember to place that order! 

My Dr has me on NAC to help minimize the side effects from all of the other medications I take! And it works fairly well as I don’t notice any side effects! Thankfully! 

Hopefully, not taking the NAC for 4 days will not mess up my fragile system, I placed the order and it should be here Saturday! I ordered 6 bottles this time! 

I need to figure out a system to order refills before I run out! I’ve ordered the #SpooniePlanner so cross my fingers that is going to help!!!

What system do you use to remember refills BEFORE they are empty? 


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