Brain Fog~ A league of its own

So yesterday I was having a conversation about brain fog and some examples of it. When I thought I had given good examples of the response was “I have days like that to” and they gave some even funnier examples that I gave. So I am curious, what makes the brain fog us Spoonies get different from regular “brain freezes?” 

How do I explain that my brain fog from…

  • Fibromyalgia
  • Addisons 
  • Hypothyroid

…is not regular brain fog, IT IS IN A LEAGUE OF ITS OWN! But how do I explain it? What makes it different?

  • The way I can say a whole sentence completely with all of the right words in totally the wrong order
  • The way I can be someplace I have been before and nothing at all looks familiar
  • The way I meet someone for the 5th time and have no recollection of the first 4 times
  • The way I can drive to the doctors office and end up an hour from my destination

The list goes on, but how do we explain our fog to someone who doesn’t have it? 


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